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A Company's Success Depends On The Health And Happiness Of Its People

EcoPlex is designed with innovative features that can improve company productivity by increasing employee satisfaction. These advantages offer comfort, flexibility and security, resulting in a more pleasant and welcoming workplace.

  • Serene outdoor plaza surrounds the Natural Water Filtration System
  • Enhanced fresh air mechanical systems deliver better indoor air quality
  • Oversized windows supply abundant natural light, reducing the need for artificial light
  • 16-inch raised floor throughout the building allows maximum planning flexibility for tenants
  • Non-toxic interior finishes
  • On-site fitness center with showers and lockers
  • 500-car parking garage

EcoPlex enhances every aspect of business. Employees appreciate the benefits of a better lifestyle, which strengthens their corporate commitment. Companies reap economic rewards while demonstrating environmental responsibility. All in all, EcoPlex is a smart move for companies that are focused on the future, but also desire to increase their profitability today.