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EcoPlex® Has Achieved a LEED® Gold Certification!

Navarro Lowrey, Inc. is pleased to announce that EcoPlex® at Centrepark West has achieved a LEED® Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) under the LEED for Core and Shell Rating System. LEED is the USGBC's leading rating system for designing and constructing the world's greenest, most energy efficient, and high performing buildings. EcoPlex becomes the first speculative office building in West Palm Beach and only the second in South Florida to achieve this certification. Progressive Casualty Insurance, DPR Construction, Inc., the law firm of Babbitt, Johnson, Osborne & LeClainche, P.A., NuVox and Stanley Consultants, Inc. are among the first tenants to choose EcoPlex as the new home for their West Palm Beach offices.

Why did these leading companies decide to make the move to EcoPlex?

Florida Public Utilities Corporation

"As we considered options to move our West Palm Beach office, we were excited to discover the EcoPlex building. The building is close to our current downtown facility, which was an important factor. FPU has been providing gas service in West Palm Beach since 1924. We have a strong commitment to this community and wanted to relocate in close proximity to downtown. In addition to location, EcoPlex offers us state-of-the-art building technology, with the hurricane-resistant features and emergency power systems that are critical to meeting our customer's needs during a storm. The energy-saving design and high performance systems (LEED Gold certified) are also in keeping with our interest in promoting clean, efficient energy. As great added features, our employees will have access to a state-of-the-art fitness facility and covered parking."
- Jeff Householder, FPU President

DPR Construction

"We felt it was important to locate our office in a building that supports sustainable building practices and EcoPlex does just that. DPR has a resume of more than $1 Billion in green building projects and the highest percentage of LEED-accredited professionals on staff among general contractors in the nation. It's only natural for us to pursue a minimum LEED Silver Certification for our own office build out as we have done in our other office locations. We are excited to be a tenant in EcoPlex."

"The commitment of the team at Navarro Lowrey to earn the trust of the customer did not end when the lease was signed. Frank Navarro's interest in his tenants is shared by all members of his team. Everyone on the NL team has been proactive in communicating with us and ensuring we are comfortable and productive in our office."
- Deborah Beetson, LEED AP

Babbitt, Johnson, Osborne & LeClainche, P.A.

"We had outgrown our office space and once again found that it didn't allow us to meet our firm's evolving office space requirements. We believe that the EcoPlex wall and raised floor system will provide us with the flexibility we need to meet our future space changes. My employees are also very pleased with the on-site fitness center."
-Ted Babbitt

Babbitt, Johnson, Osborne and Le Clainche, P.A. has been a tenant of EcoPlex since October of 2008. The entire process from negotiation of the lease, through construction of the build out of our suite and the move into our new space at EcoPlex was virtually a breeze. Navarro Lowrey was a pleasure to work with and always strived to meet our needs and requests, if possible, during the construction phase. Our move from our old building into EcoPlex was virtually seamless due to the help and support from the Navarro Lowrey team. The same is true during our tenancy at EcoPlex. Any problems or issues we've had, and those have been very few, Navarro Lowrey responded to immediately. One of the things that played a large part in the firm's decision to lease at EcoPlex was the fact that Navarro Lowrey's office is on site, which enables them to respond to issues often times before the tenants are even affected by them. I would highly recommend occupancy at EcoPlex and look forward to a long and enjoyable tenancy.
-Sam Householder, Office Manager

Stanley Consultants

"EcoPlex and its achievement of LEED Gold certification provide Stanley Consultants with a work environment that allows us to demonstrate to the South Florida community our focus on the development of sustainable infrastructure. In addition, the project's raised floor and demountable partition systems create a more flexible and collaborative work environment that make our teams more creative and productive. Thus far, you have exceeded our expectations. You have done a great job with much patience to bring Stanley Consultants on board. Our members are happy to be here."
-Tshaka Dennis, Vice President


"We were looking for a building that incorporated newer technology, including hurricane-resistant features, emergency power systems and a more energy efficient design and performance. We chose EcoPlex because it fulfills all of these requirements and more. The fact that EcoPlex has a state-of-the-art fitness facility, better indoor air quality and a LEED Gold rating from the U.S Green Building Council is a bonus for our employees."
-Sherry Owens, Manager of Facilities and Real Estate