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Conserving Energy, Reserving Water

Efficiency is the standard at EcoPlex. The inclusion of innovative passive design and high-performance mechanical systems provides tenants with maximum energy and water efficiency. EcoPlex will save over two million gallons of water per year. Together with other conservation strategies, EcoPlex anticipates savings of up to 30% on variable operating expenses with reduced environmental consequences.

Conservation meets comfort as many of the building’s most innovative ecological features provide substantial workplace benefits:

  • Lushly landscaped gathering place is a natural water filtration plaza that filters and improves water quality for further use, resulting in considerable savings
  • Highly-reflective roof reduces hot spots and regulates temperature for significantly lower cooling costs
  • Oversized windows deliver abundant natural light, which reduces energy costs while increasing the productivity of the office environment

Redefining the nature of business, EcoPlex presents the perfect opportunity to conserve corporate resources while preserving natural ones.